Veteris Bonsai: Shop with Bonsai trees for the garden and home

Veteris Bonsai: Shop with Bonsai trees for the garden and home


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We are specialists far-eastern art of molding

Bonsai Classes

Our bonsai trees have been run by us for a minimum of months. We don’t “move” trees. We take care of them, observe them, select mistakes and treat the sources of any symptoms of diseases, before they reach our store. They are subject to strict phytosanitary control and monitoring of the condition of each specimen.

made boxes

The transport of bonsai trees is a challenge that we undertake with the satisfaction of customers and the good of the trees in mind. Our plants are packed with all care, and if the weight / size requires it, we build wooden boxes to the size of each tree.


Our contact with bonsai trees has been going on since 2018. Over the years, we have traveled a path that allows us to take care of our trees with full understanding of bonsai processes and offer you specimens at various stages of development, but always in satisfactory cultivation quality.

We share knowledge on the blog

The knowlage in bonsai is a key element. Unfortunately, they are often treated as secret scrolls – completely unnecessary. At Veteris bonsai, we openly share our insights and see how bonsai trees are cultivated. Maybe we don’t save indoors in this, but it’s a sacrifice we are ready for.


How to
take care
of bonsai?

Growing bonsai can be child’s play, and it can be a challenge for real art lovers. It all depends on what kind of tree
we choose and what goals we set for ourselves.

At Veteris Bonsai, we are always happy to advise you, regardless of the path you choose!

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